7 Tricks to Hack Your Group Engagement

Thanks to Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, the more popular your Facebook group is, the more it will show up in users feeds. As a result, It’s important to make sure that your Facebook group frequently has active threads where people have fun participating by replying.

Jarvis lets you schedule posts in advance so that you can make sure you have an engaging post going live every day, without you having to think twice about it. Simply schedule your posts in advance, and then relax; your robot butler friend Jarvis will take care of the rest.

Here are some engaging ideas for regular posts to make in your Facebook group. Some of these may seem a bit silly, but remember: improving your average engagement rate will improve the visibility of your other (more promotional) posts.

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1 – Run a competition

Encouraging your group members or page subscribers to guess in order to win a prize is a sure-fire way to incentivize a flurry of replies and a healthy overall response rate.

2 – Like to win (or, comment to win)

One of thee easiest ways to run a competition is to ask people to enter by liking or commenting your posts. This is crack to Facebook’s algorithm and appeals to people’s impulsive nature. After a set time period, you pick a random person who liked or commented and post again showing proof that you gave something away (for another flood of likes and comments).

3 – Ask the next person

This is a simple game that builds group cohesion and encourages a flurry of replies. You ask a question, the next person replies to your question and asks a question of their own, and so on and so on.

4 – Complete the sentence

In this game, you invite your group members to complete a sentence. Here are some examples, assuming you own a Facebook group for small business owners in order to promote a software product:

________________ is what drives me.

My goal in business is to _______.

If I received a million dollar investment tomorrow, I would ________.

When __________ happens, I remember why it’s all worth it.

The worst thing about running your own business is __________, the best thing is _________.

If I could talk to anyone in the world tomorrow to grow my business, I would talk to _________.


5 – Run a photo caption contest

Simply post a photo and see who can come up with the wittiest caption. This encourages both replies and lots of likes for those replies.

6 – Post something aspirational

People love to interact with aspirational photos and threads. If you run a fitness group, post a video of someone deadlifting a record amount of weight. If you run an online marketing group, post a million-dollar pay stub. These types of aspirational posts are guaranteed to get an absurd amount of engagement


7 – Multiple choice contest

Another great way to run a give-away (or just encourage engagement) is to ask a multiple-choice question and ask people to reply with their answer. Psychologically, people feel an urge to reply as they want to feel good about having figured it out.