Buffer vs. Hootsuite vs. Jarvis (Updated 2016)

Buffer Jarvis Hootsuite
Buffer is an ‘old hand’ in the social media marketing world and is well-known for their likable staff and enjoyable blog. Buffer, like all tools, lets you schedule posts for later. Jarvis is an easy-to-use tool for individual marketers, small business owners, and brand owners, who want to automate their social media marketing to get better results with less work. Jarvis offers “set it and forget it” automation that re-posts content automatically when your queue is empty, so your followers stay engaged even while you’re on vacation. Hootsuite is an advanced and powerful suite of social media marketing tools built primarily for the Enterprise market.
Buffer let’s you schedule posts for later Jarvis let’s you schedule posts for later Built with very large Enterprise organizations in mind.
Buffer let’s you schedule posts for later Jarvis supports evergreen content reposting

Offers monitoring functionality
Jarvis is more affordable than alternative tools, regardless of functionality needed.
Buffer doesn’t support evergreen content reposting Jarvis doesn’t support Pinterest or Google+ Their 11+ separate applications can be overwhelming and overkill for small businesses and freelance marketers.
Buffer’s free plan is limited to only 10 queued posts per account Does not offer content re-posting

We recommend you try out all three of the above software and form your own opinion.