How I got 1500% ROI from Social Media Using Jarvis & THIS simple Technique

I like to create content. I always have. I write for my site, Nootropedia, I write for, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and I published a book when I was 19 (not self-published).

What I don’t like is social media (can I get an “Amen!”?).

Now, you may have no interest in writing, but I’m willing to guess you and your business would appreciate if you spent less time focused on social media and more time focused on your unique skills.

By combining the robust features of Jarvis with a virtual assistant you can free your time to focus on your strengths and generate more profit for your business.

Focus on Your Strengths

In business (and life) one concept that goes far is the Pareto principle (also known as 80/20 rule). It states that 20% of my business efforts will result in 80% of the return. When I produce content for my site that is of high quality, people read and enjoy it, others link to it, and it helps in search engine optimization.

Doing social media isn’t within my 80 / 20 so I can just skip it, right? Wrong. If you have business strengths outside of social media like me, don’t make the mistake of skipping or half-assing social media.

There is a huge opportunity cost. Approximately 43% of digital marketers say social media is their most effective business channel. Over 57% of consumers say they’re influenced to purchase after seeing reputable social media profiles. Keep reading below and I’ll share my own experiment and return on investment. The bottom line is…

We need to automate and systematize social media to make the best use of it without detracting from what we do best in our business.

How (and Why) to Develop Jarvis & Virtual Assistant Automation

The first step in automating my social media was solved by Choose Jarvis. Instead of creating new social media posts daily, we can batch create them one day of the week so that we invest less time overall.

The second part of automating social media is utilizing a virtual assistant to do the work for me (in a very specific way). To do this, invest time creating a standard operating procedure (SOP). This way, you don’t have a virtual assistant who learns everything you teach, drops off the face of the planet, and forces you to teach someone completely new.

My first version SOP took me 2 hours and 13 minutes to create. It included 7 screenshots (pictures or screencast videos are essential) and took 53 steps, but my VA now has a template for posting each week.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you create your own:

Keep it simple – if you have never used a VA, it can seem like they are intentionally messing things up to make your life miserable. Of course, this is never the case, but it is challenging nonetheless.

Make sure that each step is as simple as you can make it. I try to make sure each step in the list is as basic as possible. Each click is a new step, use as many screenshots as you need to show what needs to be done. As you can see, I made it as clear as possible.

finding content

Create specific rules – within my niche, the community is very engaged. I like to include social media posts about these discussions because it’s obvious my audience is interested in these topics. One source I use is Reddit, but I am very specific about which Reddit posts are included in our social media channel.
As you can see in the screenshot below, the virtual assistant can only use posts on the front page that have “Discussion” written in purple (because I do not want external links) AND it has to have over 5 upvotes. These specific rules mean that my VA can post a relevant discussion for my audience that we know they will appreciate.

how to use jarvis

Create template options – you may have a great VA who speaks English well, but it is best to create some template options and phrases for them to choose from. This way, it’s as simple as plugging something in rather than thinking about it (I don’t trust my VAs to think much).

Create 5 – 10 phrases they can choose from at random and then enter something specific within it. For example, “Check out this post about [enter topic] we made. Do you want us to add anything?

Omit 1 day – the reality is, your VA is never going to do as well as you do. You are the business owner, you are the architect, artist, and genius. At least one day of the week, it is worthwhile to invest in doing the social media yourself. This may be as simple as a brief video you upload to the pages, but it will make a difference.

This can also play to your business strengths. For example, we chose to use 1 day where we invest time to do a Q&A with our audience. This is a way to engage them directly, but more importantly it is a way for me to create more content (yay!).

Build in best practices – it’s great if you can maximize your time through a VA and Choose Jarvis, but it doesn’t matter much if you aren’t using best practices for social media. Try to familiarize yourself with some of the best practices beforehand (or get some help) so that you have a strong foundation. Kissmetrics has a great post on user engagement. Of course, any content that I create must be pretty

What’s it Worth?

For the mathematically inclined, curious, or skeptics in the audience, here is what Choose Jarvis and a single virtual assistant have gotten us.


  • Choose Jarvis Business Account: $29.95
  • Virtual assistant x 3 hours per week (let’s assume they’re slow): $15 x 4 weeks = $60
  • TOTAL: $89.95 / mo

Traffic & Revenue

  • 2.83% of site traffic
  • 6.52% of revenue
  • TOTAL: $1,589.19 / mo

Social media only costs me around $100 per month using this method and yet it yields $1600 return per month. Even better, social media is a tiny fraction of traffic (2.83%), but it accounts for a much bigger percentage of revenue (6.52%), which means that social media users are loving the posts (even though my VA is doing them from Kenya).

Your Best Work

If you came here looking for a social media VA template or blueprint, sorry to disappoint. The reality is, each business and niche are different. You must develop a foundational strategy that will work for you.

Do some “deep work” to figure out what matters most to your business and your social media accounts. You’ll find not only that Jarvis and VA can help you focus on what you do best, but also how to leverage the VA for your specific industry.