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How do I use Jarvis?

The Library page is used to build and organize your collection of evergreen content that can be posted over-and-over on a continual basis.

The Discover page recommends content that you can add to your library.

This evergreen content can then be posted to your social media accounts at scheduled times. You can manage these schedules on the Schedule page.

In the event that you need to write single-use, one-time posts, you can use the post composer on the Queue page.

The Queue page also shows all scheduled one-off posts (whether they are scheduled for tomorrow, next week, or next year), and, additionally, shows how your scheduled evergreen content will be posted over the next 7 days. Only the next seven days of evergreen content are projected on the Queue page, but rest assured that your evergreen content will be posted every week, forever, as scheduled.

That’s the meat of it. Congrats! You are on your way to growing your social media presence using Jarvis.


What order are the library posts used in?

Each combination of library category and social media account can be thought of as an independent pile. When Jarvis is scheduled to post from a library category to a social media account, it takes the post off the top of that specific pile, posts it, and then puts it back on the bottom of the pile. The next time Jarvis pulls from that category, it will get a different post, and (in theory) no post from a pile will ever be posted twice to that specific social media account until everything in that pile has been posted once.

Every minute, Jarvis checks if you have set up any schedules to post during that minute. If you have set up a schedule to post to one of your linked accounts from one of your library categories at that time, then Jarvis will take the post off the top of the relevant pile, post it to Facebook or Twitter, and then put it back on the bottom.

Keep in mind that each combination of social media account and library category is an independent pile. This means that scheduling a single category to post to both your Facebook and your Twitter will result in the same content being posted to both.


What is the difference between Jarvis and Buffer?

Jarvis requires less time, fewer clicks, and less effort than any other tool. And has an intuitive way to view your posts – they are shown exactly as they will be sent out. In addition, Jarvis can help you create posts by recommending proven, engaging content. This Increases the success of your posts and reduces the time you spend creating them. One other major difference is that Jarvis can make use of “evergreen” content or smart recycling. It is able to do this by projecting your recycled posts into the future and overlaying them on top of regular, single-use posts. Buffer doesn’t allow any recycling of posts!


Can I use Jarvis with Buffer (or another tool)?

Sure! There is nothing about Facebook, Twitter, or Jarvis, which prevents you from using another tool at the same time. Note that Jarvis can’t communicate with other scheduling tools, so if you schedule a post using both Buffer and Jarvis, for example, it will likely be posted twice (unless rejected by Facebook/Twitter due to being a duplicate).

Many people use Jarvis alongside other scheduling tools as they become more comfortable with Jarvis, prior to fully migrating over.


Can I use my own custom URL shortening domain?

Yes! Jarvis has teamed up with Tinycc  to bring you the best in URL shortening services. Now its a snap to connect our app to theirs. No need to tinker with Zapier. We’ve developed a streamlined hookup for your Tinycc account.  One configuration and you’re all set. After that, branded URLs are generated automatically in your posts. Never any further need to login to Tinycc if you don’t want to.

Tinycc offers a first rate feature set and unmatched flexibility. Don’t pass up the analytic, the marketing and the promotional potential of short links. Tinycc has it all covered. Check them out and start getting the most out of your short links today!


Can I cancel when I want and are there any upgrade or downgrade restrictions?

You can easily change plans, switch between monthly/annual billing, upgrade, downgrade, use a coupon. Or even change the credit card being billed.  This can all be done from your dashboard. Simply login and click on Change Plan option under your account menu. To cancel please send us an email.


How do you keep my credit card information safe?

We don’t store any personal or financial information on our servers. All payment processing is securely handled by Stripe.