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Social Media Planning and Strategy

11 Most Promising Social Media Sites – Which one is Best for your Business?

Most businesses start from 2 – 3 platforms and their first choice is the Facebook or Twitter. It makes perfect sense because these two are unarguably the biggest and the most popular social media platforms. However, totally ignoring other platforms, especially the ones that are becoming more and more popular in your target market is not a wise option. In this post, our editors have discussed 11 most promising social media platforms and their pros and cons to help you choose the best.

7 common social media mistakes that hurt most small businesses

We recently did a couple of studies on how Startups and B2B companies are using social media. It seems that majority of businesses are starting to acknowledge the power of Social Media. However, setting up a Facebook or Twitter profile is just the first step. You need to steer clear of the most common mistakes made by small businesses to take advantage of social media.

How Fortune 500 companies plan their social media marketing

Can you deliver a convincing speech if you’re not sure about the message you want to communicate? If you are not sure about your motive, you will simply confuse your audience, instead of convincing. It’s the same with Social Media Marketing. This post will help you create a basic social media marketing plan.

23 Important Social media rules you should always apply

Our team has compiled this nice little cheat-sheet that you can use whenever you are in doubt about any of your decisions or strategy.  

Social Media Profiles

How to Setup a Facebook Page for Small Businesses

Having a Facebook Page for your business is as important as having a website. Setting up a page is free and doesn’t take much time, especially when you have a simple and straightforward guide like this. Let’s make it happen.  

How to Set up a Twitter Account for Small Business

Twitter should be on top of your priority list when it comes to Social Media marketing (second only to Facebook). Setting up an account and using Twitter is very simple. You just need to choose a username, profile picture, bio, and a header image, and you’re set. However, keep the following points in mind while creating a business account to make the most of Twitter.

Your Neglected Social Media Profiles are Hurting your Small Business

Neglecting your social media profiles mean that you are failing to build relationship with your target customers, create awareness for your brand, missing out on new sales prospects and a world of opportunities. If you are using social media for your small business, this post will give you the much needed nudge to get started.  

How to Get followers & Fans for your Newly Created Social Profiles

Just because social media websites have millions and billions of users, simply creating a profile doesn’t place you in front of millions. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. You will start from a grand total of zero followers. This post shares some easy and simple ways to get your first few followers or page likes.

Social Media Marketing

Understanding the latest Social Media algorithms to maximize your reach

As Marc Goodman once said, “If you control the Code, you control the world”. Knowing how social media algorithm works can help you maximize the reach and exposure for your content. Make sure that you read this guide because we are going to discuss the all important factors that make a post or content rank on top.

No Bulls^%# Guide to use Facebook for Marketing a Local Business

Most local businesses are not sure about what to do and what not to do on Facebook. Some hire social media managers who are clueless about their target audience or objectives. Others end up wasting money on useless stuff like buying likes or fancy tools. So we thought of creating a straightforward, no-nonsense Facebook marketing guide for local businesses.

Social Media marketing guide for Online Stores

There’s only one way to win trust of online customers and make them feel at home. And that’s Social Media. Can you really afford not to have Social Media as part of your marketing strategy? Jarvis presents an actionable Social Media plan for online stores.

The easy way to kick-start a Facebook group to Marketing your Business

Community building has always been a viable way to start or grow a business. This article will enable you to solve the chicken-and-egg problem by instantly building a community with several hundred engaged and interested members.

7 Hacks to Grow your Facebook Page

It’s easy to talk about quality content and being patient and persistent with your social media campaign but as a small business, it totally makes sense if you are looking for some quick ways (AKA Hacks) to grow your Facebook page. Our experts have created this list of 7 tried and tested hacks to bring maximum results in the least possible time.

5 Common Mistakes that are stunting your social media growth

Are you sick and tired of getting no results from Social Media? Social Media is a tough nut to track. Even more so, if you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. At Jarvis, we want you to succeed at Social Media without breaking a sweat. So we have listed down the most common social media mistakes made by small businesses.

Don’t get a social media marketing degree: they are worthless

Are you passionate about social media and considering going to University for a four-year social media marketing degree? We have some bad news for you: most of these social media degrees are worthless. Read this post to know why we think so.

7 Tricks to Hack your group engagement

Thanks to Facebook algorithm, the more engagement your posts receive, the more your posts will show up in users’ feeds. It’s important to make sure that your Facebook group has frequent activity and engagement.

Local Business: See how these local businesses are killing it on social media

Are you a local business owner? Do you actively use Social Media to engage and build relations with potential customers in your town or city? If you are still in doubt and waiting for one final push to start using Social Media, let’s have a look at some examples of local businesses killing it on Social Media.

Social Media Analytics & Optimization

A detailed Guide to Facebook Insights

Facebook insights will give you an idea about your best performing content, right time to publish your post, the type of content that is working for your competitor and a lot more. This is invaluable information for small businesses. In this post our in-house expert discusses different sections of Facebook Insights and how to make the most of this information.

Quick hacks to improve Engagement Rate

You must use Engagement rate as the metric to evaluate performance at social media. Simply having a lot of followers or fans is not enough. You need to make sure that users are interacting with your brand by liking, commenting, or sharing your posts. Read this post to know the secrets of high engagement rate.

Content Marketing

What nobody told you about content marketing: 23 places to promote your posts?

Don’t you just hate it when your competitors get a lot of attention while your posts fail to get noticed? Want to know a secret? Your competitors are not beating you at content creation. They are beating you at content promotion. In this post you will find a list of more than 20 places that you can use to promote your content.

Lazy Marketer’s guide to content creation, curation, and Recycling

You can use three different types of content for content marketing. Create your own content, curate content from web, and recycle some of your best performing content. Read this post to know more about these types in detail.

What actually makes stuff go viral on social media (It’s not content)

It’s frustrating to see people sharing and liking so many things, while you struggle to get any response despite giving it your best. The secret to share-worthy content is not the quality or originality of the content. These are two important factors, but there are other, more important ones. Our content marketing experts discuss these factors in detail (with examples).

Social Media Automation

How I got 1500% ROI from Social Media Using Jarvis & THIS simple Technique

Success stories like these from our customers keep us going. In this post, one of our user shares how he manages to focus on his strength and generate more profit for his business by combining the robust features of Jarvis with a virtual assistant.  

How much does a Social Media Manager Cost?

Looking to hire a Social Media manager? Good for you because Social Media marketing is worth all the time and investment. However, you need to make sure that you are not wasting money and handing over your business accounts to someone who doesn’t know anything about advanced stuff like social listening or relationship management. Let’s read what makes a good social media manager and what’s the right salary?  


Top 10 Social Media tools under $10

Most businesses think that they need to hire full-time social media managers and expensive tools to make use of social media platforms. This is not true. If you are running a small business or targeting a specific region, you can easily manage your social media without having to spend a lot. We have compiled this list of amazing social media tools available for free or a nominal price of less than $10.

Exclusive: 5 Free Premium Facebook Covers including PSDs

Premium Facebook cover templates and PSDs available for free. If you are running an FB page or group related to fashion, travel, sport, fitness, wedding, or photography, you are going to love these templates.

121 Sources to Download Social Media Icons for Free

Jarvis presents the biggest and the latest collection of free-to-download social media icons. You will find social media icons of all styles, sizes, colors, and shapes. The list will be updated on a regular basis and we will keep adding new resources.

20 best Free Logo templates for social media companies

Looking for an eye catching logo for your small business for free? Use one from our list of 20 free logo templates.

17 Social Media Calendars and Templates to Optimize your Marketing

Social media calendar ensures that you are mixing up and using different types of content to engage your target audience. We’ve compiled a list of 17 social media calendar templates along with a custom-made one by Jarvis that you can use for your business.

20 Free Twitter Header Templates

You need to stand out from the crowd on social media and header image is your best chance to do it. We’ve compiled a list of 20 free Twitter header templates.

120 Free Facebook Timeline Cover PSD Templates

We scoured the web to bring you every single freely available Facebook timeline cover PSD template on one page. Use Photoshop to customize one of these designs and use an eye-catching timeline cover photo for your business page.

60 Marketing tools to grow your business in 2016

Right tools can make your life easy. We’ve looked at over 100 business apps in order to bring you a curated list of top 60 marketing tools that you need to use for marketing your business in 2016

Chrome Extensions for Social Media – The Ultimate List

Here’s the ultimate list of all Chrome extensions you’d ever need for social media marketing. The list will be updated on a regular basis.

20 free email signature Templates

Professionals and businesses must use their email signature to the fullest extent. You can use this space to promote your website, blog, social media pages, and even the latest blog post. Free email signature templates in this post will let you do that in style.

20 Free Infographic Templates and Element Packs

Infographic can help you get your point across, and get some back links, and social media shares. Try one of these free infographic templates to design one for your business marketing.  

7 Social Media courses for Small Businesses

You don’t need a training course to learn how to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, Social Media Marketing is a lot more than posting an update or following/un-following people. You need to know the tactics and strategies that work so you will not waste time on unnecessary stuff or tactics. We’ve put together a list of Social Media courses, which are available for free (or at a nominal price).

Stay Informed – New Tools, Events, News & Views

Apple Launching a Social Media App & WhatsApp to Allow Business Advertisements

Whatsapp is ready to take advertisers on board with a change in their terms and privacy policy. Twitter is working on its own algorithm. They have introduced a quality filter and it might be rolled out as a default feature. Facebook is trying to capture the teenage market with a new app i.e. Lifestage. Get more such news and stories in our social media roundup for the month of August.   

Social Media Advertising

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Case Studies & Research

How B2B companies use social media

How do B2B startups use social media? Are there any differences between B2B and B2C startups? If yes, what are these differences? To find answers, we analyzed how 50 venture-backed companies in the B2B use social media. The results were equal parts expected and surprising.

How to get 100+ Votes on Inbound (we analyzed all posts with 100 or more votes to find the answer)

We’ve analyzed everything with 100 or more votes at to get an idea of the topics that get the most attention and upvotes. This study and the results will be of great help for anybody looking for topics to woo the B2B audience.

How do Startups use social media – A data backed answer

What social media channels do early-stage startups prefer? What kind of content do they share on these channels? Is it even worth investing in social media for a new startup? Find the answers to all these questions and a lot more in our research report.

Why Small Businesses are Terrible at Social Media

Many small businesses fail to capitalize on social media because they don’t use it the right way. In this post we discuss some of the most common reasons that lead to small business failing in taking advantage of social media.