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Jarvis is the fastest way to find, plan, and post content proven to be engaging on Facebook and Twitter.

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Jarvis maximizes your engagement, reach, and social proof with only 15 minutes per month and nearly zero effort.

Most marketers attempt to improve their results by posting more frequently, but this does not help you when your posts are not often liked, shared, or discussed. The solution is to publish posts that are confirmed to be engaging to your audience.

Jarvis makes this easy by recommending content that skyrockets engagement, boosts reach, makes you look like a rockstar, and drives more traffic to your website from Facebook and Twitter. Jarvis finds this content for you, and then you post it with a single click.

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People are going to love what you share, once you have access to Jarvis’ list of the most popular content for your industry.

Jarvis does all of the difficult work for you.

Every day, Jarvis reads everything shared publicly on Facebook and Twitter, sorts it all by engagement, and allows you to search it all by keyword. Then you post the stuff you like most with a single click.

It couldn’t be any easier. All of the content you post will have already been proven to be engaging, so your business will look awesome.

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Jarvis requires less time, fewer clicks, and less effort than any other tool.

We have designed Jarvis not just for ease-of-use, but also for speed-of-use. You simply find, plan, and post. There is no faster way to fill your queues and grow your business using social media.

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Social media marketing really can
increase traffic, backlinks, rankings, and sales.

Teachable, a large company that’s similar to Coursera and Udemy, increased their traffic by 7,000 page views per day by automating their social media.

WineTracker, a wine-rating app, grew their Twitter from 700 to 21,000 followers in six months of social media automation.

Sharing engaging content will lead to an increase in social referral traffic to your website, so you can close more sales. It will also lead to more backlinks and social signals, and therefore more domain authority, organic traffic, and sales.

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Easy, 3-step social media marketing with Jarvis

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Search the most engaging and viral content shared recently on Facebook and Twitter. Jarvis knows exactly what content your audience will like most, so you never have to rack your brain for creative ideas again.

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2. Plan

Simply build your social media schedule and Jarvis will post for you, so you can relax on weekends and take screen-free vacations. Jarvis works overtime so you don’t have to.

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3. Post

Your evergreen content will be posted according to the schedule you choose. Need to make a one-off post for a special occasion? Jarvis lets you post to multiple social media accounts with a single click. No more logging in and out of accounts.

Smart business owners choose Jarvis

"a core part of our [strategy]"

Social media is a core part of our marketing strategy. We have always used celebrity endorsements, customer testimonials, and product giveaways, but only after discovering Jarvis did I begin sharing existing content. I would have had to pay thousands of dollars to get these same results using our conventional playbook.

House Leelahongjudha CMO at I Feel Pure

... from HootSuite to Jarvis

I used HootSuite for over a year but finally switched to Jarvis. HootSuite can handle more social media sites but is overly complicated, and I don’t really use any sites other than Facebook and Twitter. I'm finally starting to see a modest return on social media -- a trickle of real sales is coming in from customers who are first being introduced to my brand through the viral content recommended by Jarvis.

Stephen Yeh Private Label Entrepreneur

"find viral content and re-share it easily."

A major key to success with social media is posting a lot of great content on a very consistent basis, and continually engaging with your audience. Jarvis lets you achieve these goals with less time and effort. We love the ability to find viral content and re-share it easily.

Chris Porter Founder at

"more engagement and shares"

I can simply say “Find me content about men’s skin care, only from the past week, that has gone viral on Facebook.” If I take those same articles and share them on my Facebook, I’ll get more engagement and shares than anything else I’ve ever tried.

Will Evans Founder at Chiefs for Men

"Jarvis helps me grow"

We run a Facebook Group with over 3,000 active members, and have a large brand following to boot. Jarvis helps me grow these marketing channels without investing a lot of time, so I can spend that time focusing on improving our product.

Tom Hamilton Founder

"No more dried up feeds"

Before Jarvis I had to jerry-rig several tools to automate my Facebook group posts. Now I can schedule multiple posts for that group, plus I can now schedule tweets and other Facebook posts to go out over and over. No more dried up feeds for this dude!

Luke Thomas Marketer at That Marketing Dude

Your own dedicated social media assistant,
for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

  • Starter
    • $ 19.95 Monthly
        • (or $16.63 monthly, billed yearly)
        • 2 Accounts
        • Up to 2 linked Facebook and Twitter accounts
        • All features, including:
        • Evergreen Content Recycling
        • Content Discovery

  • Business
    • $ 29.95 Monthly
        • (or $24.96 monthly, billed yearly)
        • 10 Accounts
        • Up to 10 linked Facebook and Twitter accounts
        • All features, including:
        • Evergreen Content Recycling
        • Content Discovery

  • Platinum
    • $ 39.95 Monthly
        • (or $33.29 monthly, billed yearly)
        • 20 Accounts
        • Up to 20 linked Facebook and Twitter accounts
        • All features, including:
        • Evergreen Content Recycling
        • Content Discovery

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